Find all Professional kitesurfers on Instagram and Facebook!

Find all Professional kitesurfers on Instagram and Facebook!

… And compare facebook fans and instagram followers.

Since the post about kite brands on social media, about all kite brands, with links to their all social medias for comparing who has the most followers, a similar one with professional kitesurfers have been requested, and here it is!

At the start (Feb 2015), Susi Mai is having a clear lead in the Facebook fans -count (193080 fans) and Youri Zoon leads the Instagram battle with 10957 instagram followers. How will it change over time? Nobody knows, but be sure to follow your favorite kitesurfers from this list to support them!

[DISCLAIMER – Having more instagram followers does not automatically make you a better kitesurfer.] Are there kitesurfers missing on the list? Tell us in the comment-field and they will be added!

The PRO kiteboarders social table

Click the gray headings at top to sort by that column (name, fb likes or instagram followers). Everything is clickable. Enyoy!

Kitesurfer Facebook page likes Instagram followers More links
Aaron Hadlow
Alex Pastor
Alexandre Neto
Andre Phillip
Annabel Van Westerop
Annelous Lammerts
Bruna Kajiya
Christophe Tack
Gisela Pulido
Jerrie Van De Kop
Jesse Richman
Karolina Winkowska
Kevin Langaree
Kristiin Oja
Lewis Crathern
Liam Whaley
Maneula Jungo
Marc Jacobs
Nick Jacobsen
Paula Novotná
Reno Romeu
Ruben Len10
Sam Light
Seb Garat
Stefan Spiessberger
Susi Mai
Youri Zoon

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  1. Please comment if you want to be on the list!

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