32 Kiteboard brands online – Complete Facebook & Instagram data

checking the kite brands

checking the kite brands

Last year I published the big post about kite brands on Facebook, which got quite a lot of attention. Now I am publishing an update on this, and it is an improved one. This one get it’s data automatically from different sources, to always stay updated and relevant.

Background for the report

I am working with internet marketing for a lot of companies at my agency Genero in Finland. Checking up on social and online metrics is always good to do before you start to work with a customer. Though, I have no customers in the kitesurfing industry, so let’s just showcase some data. This is really light stuff, more might be added later. Right now it is only Instagram follower count and Facebook fanpage likes.

Fully automatic and sortable table of kiteboard brands

You can click on the headings to sort the table. Click on “Facebook page likes” to sort the table and see  who has the most likes for example. You can click on the brand name to see more info and more social links for the brand. You can click on Facebook icon to get to the Facebook page, and on Instagram icon to get to the Instagram page, and so on.  The table is completely auto-updating once a day, so if a kitebrand gets more likes tomorrow, there is also more likes in the table tomorrow. A lot better than the earlier static table.

UPDATE: Table with all professional kitesurfers Facebook and instagram followers now also available!

The table (Click the dark gray heading to sort):

Kite brand Facebook page likes Instagram followers Total YouTube Views More links
Advance Kites 1003 0
Airush 15691 3485 373361
Axis kiteboards 13576 627
Ben Wilson Surf 25416 4461 162595
BEST kiteboarding 26427 7314 155722
Blade Kiteboarding 13668 1016 141569
Brunotti 12210 2398
Cabrinha 26808 9420 3354374
Caution kites 621 0
Core kites 24936 0 432888
CrazyFly kiteboarding 6162 0 126981
F-one 28268 0
Flexifoil kites 9008 0
Flysurfer kiteboarding 8546 0 2254980
Gaastra kites 3741 0
Genetrix kites 269 1264
GIN kiteboarding 3587 0
Griffin kites 264 0
HQ power kites 3609 0 369859
Liquid Force kiteboarding 6999 6210 405913
Naish kiteboarding 75609 11535
Nobile kiteboarding 37690 724
North kiteboarding 76317 8552 1973269
Ocean Rodeo 3930 0 1235616
Ozone kites 19917 2749 1351082
Royal kiteboarding 7842 77
RRD kitesurfing 11540 0
Slingshot kite 17676 8180
Spleene kiteboarding 1942 0
Starkites 11593 265
Switch kites 46492 699 672232
Takoon 2893 318
Tona Boards 5414 3257 147763
Wainman Hawaii 14929 0

17 thoughts on “32 Kiteboard brands online – Complete Facebook & Instagram data

  1. Thank you, glad you liked it!

  2. Maria Kleimola says:

    Good job! Starkites, Advance kites and Genetrix

  3. Thanks! Starkites, Advance kites and Genetrix added..:)

  4. I can't see Wainman hawaii and HQ power kites :-)

  5. Thanks, Wainman hawaii and HQ power kites added..:)

  6. Thanks, Tona Boards added..:)

  7. Liquid Force Kiteboarding Deutschland is missing :-(

  8. Dan Heuer Ze Svárova says:

    Kitelement boards

  9. Alex Griffin says:

    Can you add GRIFFIN KITES to your list?
    Just starting to work seriously to be there ;) Maybe this is a good option to get some new followers :)
    Thanks for your job!

  10. Alex Griffin says:

    Please, can you add GRIFFIN KITES to your list? We have just start working hard on our Official FB site and would like to be also there ;)

  11. Alex Griffin Hi! Now I added you, sorry for the long waiting time..:)

  12. Alex Griffin says:

    THANKS!!!!! Jonathan Björkskog Hope our followers number will be increasing step by step now we are working more seriosly on the site ;)

  13. Alex Griffin Good! I liked your page now, so now you have one more follower..:)

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