Surf report from kitesurfing in Naxos

Surf report from kitesurfing in Naxos


Every now and then it is nice to check some spots where you are not riding usually. This time it was time for testing some kitesurfing in Naxos. We read on internet that Mikri vigla in Naxos is a windy place, and the north-wind is awesome. The wind is best on the summer, but then there are most crowdy as well. So we compromised a little and decided to go in May, some weeks before the crowd starts to arrive, but hopefully early enough for it to be windy. Was that such a good idea? No.

Going for kitesurfing in Naxos in May was an un-windy experience

There were no wind at all. We was riding half a day, totally. And we were there for 8 days. At the kitecenter they said that it was very unusual with this kind of bad winds, usually they have wind all year around they said. But last year was the same, there were no wind in May, but then in June, July, August and September there were a lot of wind, but also a lot of people.

The story from our kitesurfing trip to Naxos

We arrived to Athens by flight on thurstay. We slept one night in Athens and checked all the boring antique stuff you read about in the history books in shool when you were small. Acropolis and shit, you know. Then we took a ferry to Naxos, a Blue Star Ferry, the price was about 33€ per way, and it took about four-five hours and was a pleasent ride in the Greece Archipelago.

When arriving to Naxos we took a taxi to Mikri Vigla, a trip that was 18 km (the longer way. There was another way that was just 8 kilometers as well). Then we checked in at Hotel Orkos Beach, that had the Flisvos kitecentre in the same building. A perfect place to live in if kitesurfing in Naxos, I think.

Then we stayed there the whole week waiting for wind. When not windy, we drove scooters in the mountains or rode the free mountainbikes the kitrecentre provided. We climbeds some small mountains and visited the Naxos city for some times as well. And eat a lot of food. We windsurfed at the Flisvos windsurfing centre in the town once as well, you get a one hour free windsurfing lesson if you live at the Orkos Beach hotel. And of course we attended the BBQ-night at the Flisvos Kitecentre on tuesday.

Then when going home, we just took a taxi back to the town, paid the overprice to the lying driver, jumpt on a boat back to athens, and flew home.

Eating delicious food in Naxos

Eating delicious food in Naxos

Sunset from balcony at Orkos beach hotel

Sunset from balcony at Orkos beach hotel

Lina trying a free windsurfing lesson in Naxos

Lina trying a free windsurfing lesson in Naxos

View from a small mountain that we climbed in Naxos

View from a small mountain that we climbed in Naxos

Lina Kitesurfing at the Mikri Vigla beach in Naxos

Lina Kitesurfing at the Mikri Vigla beach in Naxos, the one day when we had wind

Kitesurfing in Naxos

Kitesurfing in Naxos

Desperate kitesurfers trying to catch the small winds of Mikri Vigla, Naxos

Desperate kitesurfers trying to catch the small winds

The awesome staff at the kite centre making food during the barbeque

The awesome staff at the kite centre making food during the barbeque


Things I would do in another way if I go for kitesurfing to Naxos again:

  • I would NEVER ride a Greek Taxi. The drivers suck and tries to get a higher prices when you arrives than what they said when started.
  • I would have rented a car for the whole week instead, that would have been cheaper than three (3) taxi rides!
  • I would not have booked a hotel until I saw the wind forecast. If it looks bad, then just take a ferry to another island where the wind is better. For example to Rhodes.
  • Bring a lot less luggage. The bags are freaking heavy when carrying them in stairs all the time.
  • Book a flight to Santorini instead of Athens. It would have took much shorter time, and the ferry from there would have been cheaper as well.

Things I would do the same way if I go kitesurfing to Naxos again:

Live at the same hotel, ORKOS BEACH in Mikri Vigla. It was great! The staff were awesome and the position near the kitebeach is great. And the Flisvos kitecenter that was located in the hotel was great.

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