Kitesurfing Instagram tags for maximum visibility

Kitesurfing Instagram tags for maximum visibility


Some kitesurfers including me likes to post kitesurfing action on Instagram. And when posting, it feels good to get likes, followers and to get noticed, right? There are several accounts that repost kitesurfing pictures, with attribution to owner if you follow them and use their hashtag.

If some of these, often well-followed accounts reposts your picture and mentioning you in the text you usually get some more followers and more likes for your own pictures too. In this post we are going to do something as juicy as looking at the accounts and tags to use for accomplishing this. I made this list for my own use but thought, what the heck, maybe somebody else want to use it too and published it here.

List of kitesurfing repost-hashtags to use for maximum repost possibilities:

#Thekiteshots #thekiteshot #thegoproshow #kitecartel #kitesurfersblog #meerkite #kiteground #letskitesurf #kitesista

Copy the kitesurfing hashtags for Instagram by tapping and holding in this box:

#Thekiteshots #thekiteshot #thegoproshow #kitecartel #kitesurfersblog #letskitesurf #meerkite #kiteground #ikiteworld #kitesista #kitechicas

(Remove the last two ones if you are not a girl)

Box with kitesurfing repost-tags and obvious kitesurfing tags:

#kitesurfing #kiteboarding #kitesurf #kiteboard #kitesurfer #kitelife #Thekiteshots #thekiteshot #thegoproshow #kitecartel #kitesurfersblog #letskitesurf #meerkite #ikiteworld #kitesista #kitechicas

These tags does not guarantee reposts and visibility, but improve your chances. The accounts associated with each tag often require that you follow them first too. Our Kitesurfersblog account also repost the best images that are tagged with #kitesurfersblog. Be sure to follow @kitesurfersblog on Instagram too.

Do you know more hashtags for accounts that repost kitesurfing pictures? Please comment and I’ll add them to the list!

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