Hotels in Tarifa for Kitesurfers

Hotels in Tarifa for Kitesurfers


Tarifa is one of the first choices for kitesurfing in Europe because of its wind probability and outstanding kitesurf culture. It is easy accessible from Malaga or Sevilla, there is a lot to do in Tarifa, and the kitesurfing is always on.

We have written about Tarifa before, read about the first trip to Tarifa (Kitesurfing in Tarifa – a perfect trip to the wind), we made a video for kitesurfing spots in Tarifa, and here you can read about our last trip to the Spanish south coast.

Tips for Hotels in Tarifa for Kitesurfers

Find hotels in Tarifa with

For finding hotels in Tarifa for a short time, works very well. For finding accomodation for a longer time, a local real estate might be a better choice. But most people travel there only for shorter periods, so we will focus on that.

If you are a kitesurfer wanting to stay in Tarifa for your holiday you have to think about a few things:

Hotel location: Since the kitesurfing inside Tarifa city is good only on Poniente winds (from the west), while on the Levante winds you almost have to be at Valdevaqueros for kiteboarding. If you only have a short trip, like a week or so, there can be the same wind all the time, and you will not know which one you will have during your stay.

  1. Do you have a car? –> You can book the hotel anywhere
  2. Do you have a car and want to party a lot? –> Book a hotel close to the old town, and use your car for going to kite spots.
  3. You do not have a car but still want to kitesurf a lot? Book a hotel close to Valdevaqueros (The kite spot that works on any Tarifa-wind). The downside is that you will be quite far (10 km) from Tarifa city and all happenings, but on the upside, you are close to kitesurfing in any wind direction, and you can always take the bus or lift to Tarifa city when you want to visit.
  4. You do not have a car, and you want to enjoy partying and culture, but not so much kitesurfing? –> Book a hotel in Tarifa city and hope for Levante wind, or take a bus to Valdevaqueros for kitesurfing.

Read more about Tarifa in the travel guide. Good luck with your search for a hotel in Tarifa!

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