Airstyle kiteboarding – Hot or not?

Airstyle kiteboarding – Hot or not?


Okay, the not-so-fresh oldschool kitesurfing is a hot topic again (at least in Germany, who would have guessed?) and it now goes under the name Airstyle. Here is the video about Airstyle kiteboarding. Watch it and choose, is airstyle kitesurfing hot or not? Is it like “yeah, finally back to basics” or more like “no, please kill me and send those deucebags back to Germany and kill their internet connection“?

The airstyle kiteboard video

What is airstyle / Oldschool kitesurfing?

Airstyle or oldschool kitesurfing is easiest described with hooked boosted big airs and boardoff’s. Like when kitesurfing was new and had not got any influences from wakeboarding and snowboarding yet. It was all about jumping as high as possible, spinning hooked to your kite, taking your board off and spinning that as well. And absolutely not jumping by popping or ride unhooked.

Pro’s with Airstyle kiteboarding

  • It looks great for non-kiters or beginners. The huge big-airs and spins may actually look more impressive to them than a low popped wakestyle-trick with handlepasses.
  • It gives kitesurfing another dimension.
  • It gives old kiters with bad knees something to do..
  • It gives people something to laugh at.

Con’s with airstyle kiteboarding

  • It makes the sport look so weird. It’s like seing aereal jumping with skis when you want to see double-corks and steeze.
  • Wakeboarders starts to disrespect us even more..

Please comment and tell us what you think about Airstyle. Is there anything good in it?


2 thoughts on “Airstyle kiteboarding – Hot or not?

  1. that dude looks akward smetimes, but maybe the key is having a little of both?

    1. Yes I think so too, or then, just focus on having fun and see what it looks like.:)

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