Kitesurfersblog.com is a website/blog made by Jonathan Björkskog, a web developer and search engine optimizer from Finland that really loves kitesurfing and finds it a great way of relaxing from the stressy days at work. I have been kitesurfing since 2007 and still enjoys it. I try to travel to new and exciting kitespots at least twice a year, and I will review them all on this website. I made this page because I wanted to have a kitesurfing blog where I could write about all the amazing kite-stuff that I meet on the beaches and online. As well I wanted a place where I could save all the awesome kitesurfing videos that I find. That is exactly why I made this kitesurfing blog.


On kitesurfersblog.com you will find opinions that are my own, and should not be held as official opinions for my company or sponsors. On this website you might as well find ads from Google, from which I earn revenue. Earning a lot of money is not the purpose with this website, but hosting and administration costs some money and by having ads on the page I can keep up with the expenses. The main purpose with this website is to provide information about the sport kitesurfing and review the places that I and other people are surfing at.

More about the site

I am a search engine optimizer that does mainly SEO in Finland, Sweden, and Internationally, in English. I will use this site for testing things as well, so you might find some things that looks a little weird here as well. But mainly this site is going to be about kitesurfing.

I wish you exciting reading and fun surfing. Or the other way around. Best regards, Jonathan

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  1. hey bro, great site. was just wondering if you would be willing to share my book with your readers? its all about kite stories.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B015DZEQC4

  2. Excellent blog! We live in San Jacinto, Manabi – near Manta and now designated as the top three place for Kite Surfing in the world. Our guesthouse is located on the beach at the Boca where the Portoviejo river spills into the Pacific ocean. There are kite surfers in the area, however, it is never too busy to enjoy. Here is our website: http://www.williamsandfranks.com Thank you for considering our location for a future kite surfing vacation. Saludos from Casa WF, Marty & Jim

    1. admin says:

      Hi! Looks awesome!
      What is the price range of your guesthouse?
      Best, Jonathan

  3. Hank says:

    Excellent blog!
    I am a kitesurfer in Taiwan.
    It is about 90% opportunity windy in Taiwan from September to March.
    It is about 20% opportunity windy in Taiwan from April to August.
    Please see the wind predict website, windyty.com/?23.500,121.000,1 for reference.
    Welcome Kiteboarding in Taiwan.
    My website is http://www.kiteboarding.com.tw

  4. Hi Jonathan, still loving your site! I've now set up a new kite school. You can find it at http://www.graykite.surf Keep up the good work 😀

  5. Hi Jonathan, as I mentioned above, we’re still loving your site! I’ve now set up a new kite school in Tarifa, the wind capital of Europe. You can find it at http://www.graykite.surf Keep up the good work 😀

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This is the kitesurfing website by Jonathan.

The texts on this site is partly made by Jonathan, and partly by other awesome kitesurfers that have signed up for making their own blog.

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